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With steadfast commitment, Hopan Group is poised to play a pivotal role in transforming the Hopan Group into a dynamic, vibrant and exciting business entity rewarding the shareholders and investors as well as fulfilling the social responsibility of the group.

The guiding principles of doing business by the Hopan Group are summed up in the following mission statement:

  • To forge a trusted and long-term relationship with our valued customers, employees, business associates and partners as well as striving to deliver total customer satisfaction from our quality products and services by providing unparalleled standards, excellent customer and value added services.

  • To adopt and embrace the highest level of professionalism, integrity, commitment and dedication in all our business dealings and ventures. The Management also committed to anticipate the needs of our customers and the industry so as to meet the future expectations in today's borderless world.
  • To instill a level of confidence, satisfaction and loyalty in all the staff members of the Hopan Group.
  • To inculcate a culture of quality, high productivity, innovativeness, resourcefulness and teamwork in all our staff members as Hopan Group aspires to maintain a performance-driven workforce momentum through strong leadership, good management practice and equal opportunities for all.
  • To strive to provide life-long, exciting, rewarding and inspiring careers to all the staff members of Hopan Group as human capital or talent is one of our prized assets.
  • To maintain and sustain the profitability of the Hopan Group and also simultaneously making effort to create value and maximise the returns or yields for our shareholders and investors.
  • To fulfill the call for becoming a socially responsible corporate citizen.


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